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Every practice wants their website to be positioned at the top of the page when patients search for key search terms like LASIK, Cataracts, and Glaucoma. But getting your website to the top of the page can be very difficult, especially when you are in a competitive market. To complicate this task even more, the Big Dog “Google” doesn’t make it easy with their ever-changing secret search algorithms and constant revision of their SEO do and don’t rules. For this reason, many practices hire Search Engine Optimization Companies to help them get higher page rankings.

The harsh reality for every successful website marketing campaign is that they require ongoing search engine optimization services. Our proven methods cover key aspects of SEO including on-going SEO updates to website content, quarterly keyword ranking and Google analytics reports.

Be sure to read our excellent blog series, Promises SEO Companies Can’t Keep, for some insight into warning signs that your current SEO company may not be delivering what they claim they can!

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Our SEO services include:

Keyword Analysis, Report Development & Management:

Through our expertise and further research of your market area, we will compose a list of approximately 30 keyword combinations and identify the top 5 search terms to use for optimizing each of your major services. We’ll go over the list with you for further input and provide you with details as to why we recommend the words and word combinations presented. Once the keywords are identified, we will document this information and update it on an ongoing basis. At any given time we can present or modify any of the keywords that are being optimized on your website.

Content Optimization:

The key words will then be applied within the website content through:

  • Content editing: We will review and make adjustments to the website content to insure that it is of high quality and focuses on our targeted keywords.
  • Page title tags: We will review and adjust as needed to be sure page titles include appropriate keywords.
  • Image file names: Google’s algorithms are now able to distinguish the content of an image file and determine if the file name correlates with the image content. We will review and update image file names as needed to reflect the keywords being targeted.
  • Alt” tags: These are words used to describe images on a website. Their use was originally created for the visually impaired who use screen readers to surf the web. The tags are also important when web browsers are setup to block images from loading – the tags are visible when the image is not. Alt tags have SEO value and should contain the keywords being targeted where appropriate. We will review and implement Alt tags on all images on your website.
  • Page URLs: We will add content pages or re-work existing pages to feature the targeted keywords, then evaluate and make additional changes as needed.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics will be added to the website so that you and our team can easily monitor your website traffic and visitor behavior. Reports can be generated and automatically sent to you at the desired frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly). Account credentials will be provided so that you may access and review the data at any time.

Ongoing SEO Consulting:

Using industry standard research tools, we will analyze trending keywords and make the necessary adjustments on an on-going basis to ensure the keywords being optimized are what is trending in order to provide the highest level of traffic to your website.

Ready to Get Started with SEO?

Get started with SEO