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About PEC Interactive

PEC interactive (PECi) is the digital product segment of the Patient Education Concepts collection of education, marketing and risk management products for the ophthalmic industry.

Patient Education Concepts (PEC), located in Houston, Texas, is a patient education, risk management and marketing products and services provider to the ophthalmic industry. PEC’s president and founder, Robert Watson, has produced and marketed patient education materials for the ophthalmic industry since 1982. PEC has provided their products to over 12,000 eye care professionals in the United States and in over 30 countries.

PEC’s product offering has expanded tremendously with the introduction of web, electronic and digital services. So much so, that it was time to separate them into their own website so our client can more easily review the information and better understand how they can work together. Hence, PEC interactive was created.

PEC interactive showcases web development options, online marketing, interactive web tools, patient education software, social media management services and online informed consent solutions. To learn more about PEC’s other marketing products visit

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